So, What is Axe Throwing?

Axe Throwing 101

Axe throwing is a fast-growing sport/recreational activity that involves throwing axes (yep, you heard right) at targets... and you don't even have to go traipsing around in the woods!

How's this work?

You and your BFF's book an hour of time in one of our lanes -- then let the games begin!  Our axe coaches walk you through the basics (including safety and such), then help you keep score!

Keep Score You Say?

Yep, its all about the win!  Well, maybe its more about having fun, but you can play head-to-head with a friend, try a game of 21, or even play King of the Cage. Our coaches know all the cool games and how to score 'em.

What Should I Wear?

You don't have to dress like a lumberjack (but feel free if you want!) Our only requirement is that you wear closed toe shoes (don't want to lose any piggies!) Other than that, be comfy!

Age Limits? Group Sizes?

Anyone 13 and over can throw, but we require a parent or guardian throw with our 13-17 Jacks and Jills! We can handle up to 10 in a lane - groups larger than that should reserve more than one lane.

Bring My Own Axe/Food/Beer?

Unfortunately, no. But, we can hook you up with  your own personalized axe (yes please!) and some yummy food! Oh, and we did mention beer, right? Beer & axes - what could go wrong??