Interested in Joining Our Team?

We are hiring! If you'd like to join our team as an axe coach, a bartender, or a cook, you DEFINITELY need to download our application below and send it to us via email or snail mail (USPS). Please make sure that you fill out the application COMPLETELY - including the Drug Testing Authorization & Consent form!

Axe Coach

Our axe throwing coaches have two primary responsibilities: Keep our axe throwers safe and keep them entertained! Axe throwing coaches are passionate, dynamic, energetic, and funloving individuals who enjoy sports, outdoor activities, working with groups, teaching, and/or coaching. You don’t have to have experience throwing an axe – we’ll teach you that! As an axe throwing coach, you’ll make sure all axe throwing procedures and safety protocols are followed, teach our patrons proper throwing techniques, ensure our axe throwing lanes are always event ready, and make sure every guest feels welcome by providing friendly and courteous service! Note that you must be 18 or older to be an axe throwing coach.


At Lumber Jack’s Lodge, our bartenders are typically the first team members that our guests will encounter – so it’s up to you to set the bar high (pun intended!) and make sure that every patron and guest is welcome, served promptly, and wants to come back! As a bartender, you’ll be responsible for taking all food/drink orders, serving drink orders, and restocking drink inventory and bar supplies. You’ll be responsible for all point of sale interactions, working with guests to open and close tabs and ensure all tabs are paid – while staying customer focused! Note that you must be 21 or older to be a bartender.


Love to cook? Come join our team and help run the kitchen! Our cooks are responsible for preparing all our yummy menu items and ensuring food orders are filled promptly and correctly. You’ll start each day prepping kitchen workstations and equipment, then multitask to keep up with a steady flow of food orders, finally ending the day by cleaning and prepping for tomorrow. Our cooks are also responsible for keeping up with food stocks and kitchen supplies, ensuring management knows what and when new items need to be ordered.