Book a Lane and throw some axes!


Make your reservation(s) to throw some axes! Click the button below to book one or more lanes! Keep in mind that you need to have at least 4 people throwing axes to book a lane...

Our lanes are all named, with the layout shown here. While we originally had 6 lanes, the Elk Lane is now our pool hall... If you have a large group and want to reserve more than one lane, please do! We suggest any group larger than 8 reserve more than one lane, but we can handle up to 10 in a single lane. If you do want to reserve more than one lane, we suggest you get lanes that are next to each other (or across from each other) so your group will be closer together!

Note: Walk-ins are welcome! That said, we handle them on an "as available" basis - as long as we have a lane free and an axe coach free, we'll hook you up!

And once you have that lane booked, don't forget to sign our waiver! If you book online, you should get a link to our waiver system in your reservation confirmation email.  But if you miss that, just click on the button below.

Every person throwing axes must sign a waiver (ya know, in case you chop off a little piggy or something); that said, minors between 13 and 17 must be included on an adult's waiver (typically a parent or guardian).