glory and fame!

Join us for axe throwing leagues!

Got what it takes to be a champ?  Come and prove it!  Join now as we get set to kick off our first season of axe throwing leagues for 2019!  Here are the details:

  • League play will be Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm (if we have enough interest, we may also have a second league on Tuesday evening from 7-9pm)
  • Players will throw axes against 4 opponents each week, for 7 weeks (for a total of 28 matches)
  • A match consists of 3 games of standard 5-throw head-to-head competition; best 2 of 3 games wins the match
  • A single game in a match can end in a tie; a full match can also end in a tie - should that happen, a special tiebreaker game will be played with big axes
  • After 7 weeks of match play, a double elimination playoff will be held to determine an overall league champion!
  • The cost to join the league is $140 per player.