Fame and Glory!

Join us for our Axe Throwing League!

Got what it takes to be a champ?  Come and prove it!  Join now as we get set to kick off our first season of our axe throwing league for 2019!  Here are the details:

  • League play will be Sunday afternoon from 3-5pm
  • Players will throw axes against 4 opponents each week, for 7 weeks (for a total of 28 different matches)
  • A match consists of 3 games of standard 5-throw head-to-head competition; best 2 of 3 games wins the match
  • A single game in a match can end in a tie; a full match can also end in a tie - should that happen, a special tiebreaker will be played with big axes (yep, big axes!)
  • After 7 weeks of match play, a double elimination playoff will be held to determine an overall league champion!
  • The cost to join the league is $90 per player; stop in to sign up - or sign up below!


Sign up now!

Send us your name, email address, and any comments or questions you have below and we'll get you added to the roster for our upcoming league!

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